‘It’s about time we started talking about future in present tense’

Belén Muñoz

Trainee - Editor

Belén started out as a radio journalist in Spain. She holds a Master’s degree in New Media and Digital Culture from the University of Amsterdam. Since graduation, she has been involved with a variety of projects related to hybrid publishing, contemporary art, music and film. Belén has a keen interest in exploring how digital technologies shape culture and society, and in which ways they transform our human interactions and notions of identity.

Posts by Belén Muñoz

Wild Systems 

A full course cabbage meal to discuss the problem of agricultural over-abundance

Last night we were invited to celebrate the plenty at the third edition of the Neo-Futurist Dinner series at Mediamatic in Amsterdam. This time, the night was hosted by Dutch artist and curator Arne Hendriks, who teamed up with “shaman chef” Thorwald Voss to dish out a radical gastronomical experience that entailed serving 50 attendees […]

Intimate Technology 

Smart Ring Turns Thumb Gestures into Words and Numbers

From the Georgia Institute of Technology arrives FingerSound, a smart ring that recognizes thumb gestures and converts them into words and numbers.

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