Charlotte Kuijpers
‘The future does not wait for our approval’

Charlotte Kuijpers

Intern - Designer

Charlotte studies Industrial Design at the University of Technology Eindhoven, she is interested in humans, their norms and values, as well as the future of humankind as a whole. She believes that the human mind is at the same time the start of and the solution to every problem. By designing experiences, she wants to encourage debate, internal and external. 

Posts by Charlotte Kuijpers


Next Nature baby care

Babies’ needs aren’t complex. And yet, they are. Over the years, parents have found some tricks to ease their babies as well as themselves. Taking a baby for a drive to make them sleepy, for example. Very inconvenient if the parent needs some sleep as well. With today’s technology, caring for a newborn should be […]

Intimate Technology 

Brain-assisted driving: Mind-control your car

Before fully autonomous cars take over our streets, we may experience a transition phase: Fasten your seatbelts, as Nissan introduced a so-called Brain to Vehicle (B2V) system to interpret brain-wave activity. That’s right, mind-controlling your car.

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