‘It's not about imagining the next spaces, but the next people’

Daniel Fraga

Trainee - Speculative Architect

Interested in researching ways in which spaces define people, and how the (Post)Architect is challenged to creatively interfere in all dimensions of human existence – even those not traditionally influenced by architecture. Daniel believes that goal is not to design spaces, but to design people through space. This goes beyond Architecture. He thinks we must challenge the solidified notion of architectural program, the tools with which architects create, and their ultimate aims. It is time to creatively propose, in this era of new technologies and new ideas, the next nature way of living in the house and in the city. Ultimately, we will create the next Human nature.

Posts by Daniel Fraga

Meat the Future 

Plants + Science = Meat!

What if you could have the taste of a juicy, sizzling burger without the destructive impact of using animals for meat? That is what Impossible Foods wants to do with its new burger.

Microbial Factories 

Bacteria Are the New Hard Drives

DNA is the densest known storage medium in the universe – and Harvard University researchers have managed to use it to store GIFs inside bacteria.

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