Elise Marcus
‘It is only natural to change our idea of nature’

Elise Marcus


As a Speculative Lifestyle Designer, Elise ponders about the relationship between humans within the society of the future. By combining new developments within science and technology with upcoming needs, she questions existing systems and visualizes a future oriented statement. Her goal is to make people aware of their own identity and their own role within society, so we can eventually create a world, which is good for every organism and focussed on the future.

Posts by Elise Marcus

Augmented Bodies 

Creating a Second Skin to Look Younger

Scientists managed to create what every woman has been dreaming of: a second skin to reduce wrinkles and tighten the skin.

Manufactured Animals 

Pigs Have a Heart for Us

Replacing your old heart with a new heart from an animal may seem extreme? Well, this future may arrive sooner than we think.

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