Elle Zhan Wei
‘We have one future together as human kind ’

Elle Zhan Wei

Intern - Designer

Elle is a third year design student at Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. She enjoys exploring the relationship between technology and nature and finding ways for both to sustain and benefit from each other. She finds the issues existing in the world an inspiration for generating innovative solutions. She believes humans can and will find the solution to bring people of all backgrounds into a prosperous sustainably. For Elle, this is the ultimate goal of being a designer.

Posts by Elle Zhan Wei

Artificial Womb 

1923 – Term ‘Ectogenesis’ Coined

The term “ecotogenesis” was first coined in 1923 in “Daedalus”.

Fake Nature 

Rent a Rain Room

Rent a rain room with simulated rain with a motion sensor to go through the rain without getting wet.

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