‘Innovation is the essence of human existence’

Erik van der Veen

Intern - Designer

Graphic design student with a background in psychology. His specialty is speculative design that maneuvers between serious and ironic, dystopian and utopian. Erik is particularly interested in how the absurdity of modern life could shed a new light on the worlds of tomorrow. He likes to explore new design tools and use existing tools in a different way.


Posts by Erik van der Veen

Wild Systems 

Stewart Helps People to Trust Self-Driving Car

Stewart is a tactile interface that mediates the communication between human and self-driving car.

Wild Systems 

AI is as Intelligent as a Four-Year-Old Kid

Computer can already beat us in many tasks. Complicated calculation, processing speed and chess, to name a few. However, generally speaking, you’re still likely to be more intelligent than the most sophisticated Artificial Intelligent system. Researchers at MIT have tried to test the general intelligence of an AI System and found out it’s as smart as […]

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