‘When we imagine, explore and question the merging of the natural and the technological, we find ourselves envisioning a wealth of futures’

Kelly Streekstra

Intern - Editor

Kelly is a masters student in Science Communication and Earth Sciences wondering how to shed light on our changing world. She is eager to develop and experience new ways to inspire engagement within the developments of our natural environment. During her working period at NNN, Kelly will explore the interactions between nature, culture, science, and technology through writing.

Posts by Kelly Streekstra

Fake Nature 

These robotic flowers are attracting bees

It is trying its very best to stay hidden: but would you be fooled by its fake nature? This synthetic pollinizer, a conceptual project by artist Michael Candy, may intuitively repel us if we found it in our ‘natural’ flower fields, but it has been successful at attracting bees. These robotic flowers may serve to […]


The bananaphone, part deux

Feeding our decades old bananaphone kidsplay, Nokia just reintroduced their banana phone. Once again, this shows that Nature is the most successful product of our time. We call this phenomenon Bio-mimic-marketing: using images of nature to market a product. Peculiar image of the week.

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