‘When we imagine, explore and question the merging of the natural and the technological, we find ourselves envisioning a wealth of futures’

Kelly Streekstra

Intern - Editor

Kelly is a masters student in Science Communication and Earth Sciences wondering how to shed light on our changing world. She is eager to develop and experience new ways to inspire engagement within the developments of our natural environment. During her working period at NNN, Kelly will explore the interactions between nature, culture, science, and technology through writing.

Posts by Kelly Streekstra

Image Consumption 

This Twitterbot imagines the Fanta flavors that will fuel your summer

Today, artificial intelligence is doing all kinds of things: It can write an episode of game of thrones, it may revolutionize the teaching industry, and it’s drawing new streets from its artificial memory. Now, it’s imagining Fanta flavors. In our media-saturated society, it can be hard to see things for what they really are. Welcome […]

Plastic Planet 

Interview: Designer Shahar Livne is geomimicing the future of plastics

What if plastics one day become a rare commodity that we desire and mine from the depths of the earth’s crust? By that time, plastic would be a rather different material. Shahar Livne offers a fast-forward to this next nature, by artificially geomimicing metamorphisms. She shares with us her speculative material: the “lithoplast”.

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