‘Looking behind us, at the pattern of our footmarks, to dream about the shapes that they could be in the future.’

Koen Blezer

Trainee - Software Developer

Being a programmer/designer, I continuously create things that alter the way we perceive the world around us in some way or another. I find this to be an important position in society and therefore try to reflect on it as much as possible. Through music (and art in general) I am able to put new developments into a broader picture.

Posts by Koen Blezer

Wild Systems 

The future of the ECO Coin

How can we design a cryptocurrency for the better of humanity and ecology? In this last chapter of the crypto deep dive series, we will dissect two kinds of blockchain cryptocurrencies that are currently making waves on the internet and beyond. Furthermore, we explore the waves of the ECO Coin framework that intends to bring […]

Wild Systems 

The return of direct democracy: Introducing a digital agora to the crypto-world

In Ancient Greece the people were part of a direct-democracy, this means that they would directly vote for policies and laws. Nowadays, it seems as though this horizontal approach to governance of a community is desired again: The crypto world has developed a specific platform to enable direct democracies to their users; the Decentralized Autonomous […]

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