‘Looking behind us, at the pattern of our footmarks, to dream about the shapes that they could be in the future.’

Koen Blezer

Intern - Software Developer

Being a programmer/designer, I continuously create things that alter the way we perceive the world around us in some way or another. I find this to be an important position in society and therefore try to reflect on it as much as possible. Through music (and art in general) I am able to put new developments into a broader picture.

Posts by Koen Blezer

Wild Systems 

The future infrastructure of the blockchain might be green and humane

The connection we share through the Internet has laid the foundation for a whole new digital infrastructure, in which blockchain technology is heralded by many believers for being the future of both our money and our internet infrastructure. However, the future of this technology and its applicability is not so certain as many blockchain evangelists […]

Wild Systems 

The return of trade: Blockchain technology is enabling trade to make a fierce comeback

Before money came into existence, trading was all we knew. Farmers in China traded their spades for food and other goods, and this continued up until a point where most spades were no longer used for digging, as they had shrunk down for convenience in being a medium of exchange. While the heavily abstracted spades […]

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