Megan Ray Nichols

Contributing Writer

Megan Ray Nichols is a science writer and editor of her blog, Schooled by Science. She has a passion for learning and is curious in nature. Her favorite topics to explore include astronomy, the environment, and technology. Megan’s interest in the ways the earth is connected to the cosmos stems from a childhood of stargazing. On a smaller scale, she’s also intrigued by the connections between humans and Earth – and how their affinity for technology is changing the nature of this relationship.

Posts by Megan Ray Nichols

Office Garden 

Here’s what manufacturing enhanced with virtual reality will look like

Robots are coming for our jobs. Virtual reality is coming to make the jobs that remain easier to accomplish. All of the world’s manufacturing sectors are in the process of applying VR to the dizzying number of tasks required all up and down the supply chain — from handling raw materials to shipping goods off […]

Intimate Technology 

Technology and Sports: Nutrigenomics

We’ve been told since grade school that what we eat is important, but we’ve all been told to eat the same sort of healthy things. This isn’t bad, but with the up-and-coming science of nutrigenomics, researchers can take the science of healthy eating to a whole new level. What is nutrigenomics, and how can it […]

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