‘Our technological inventions resemble more and more nature’s complexity ’

Nadine Bongaerts

Synthetic biologist / Entrepreneur

About Nadine

Nadine Bongaerts is a synthetic biologist who bridges the world of science and technology with business and society. She received her Master Degree in Life Science & Technology from Delft University of Technology and is currently doing her PhD in Synthetic Biology at INSERM in Paris. In 2010, she successfully participated in the International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) competition organised at the MIT for synthetic biology. Her team from the TU Delft ended as one of the finalists with ‘A genetic toolkit for Escheria coli to clean up oil polluted water’. Next to her scientific endeavours, she has founded science communication company Biotecture (2011) and the foundation for the Dutch Chapter of the Kairos Society (2012), a global organization to support young social entrepreneurs. More recently, she has been appointed as Global Community Director for Hello Tomorrow and is responsible for building a international ecosystem to accelerate innovative technologies to the market. Nadine is often requested as a speaker on synthetic biology, startups and innovation.

Interview: Nadine Bongaerts, Synthetic Biologist Bridging Science with Society

Nadine Bongaerts is a Dutch synthetic biologist and entrepreneur who is building bridges between science, business and society. Fascinated by engineering life at the smallest scale, she designs bacteria with new functions. In 2010, she joined a team of TU Delft students to participated in the worldwide synthetic biology competition iGEM (Internationally Genetically Engineered Machine) for which they developed DNA bricks that turned bacteria into minuscule oil-degrading cells.…

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