Nadine Roestenburg

Nadine Roestenburg


Researcher and curator exploring how digital technologies and the Internet are shaping art, culture and society. Her research focuses on discourses about post-digital, post-internet and New Aesthetics, and artistic practices that reflect on how the internet is reshaping the relationship between the physical and digital. She believes that the articulation of values on 21st century technologies – before they are completely and invisibly integrated with our bodies, lives and environments – is the most important thing for our generation.

Posts by Nadine Roestenburg

Manufactured Animals 

Robo-Bee Pollinated a Japanese Lily

A video of a robotic bee pollinating a flower (looking more like Loopin’ Louie spinning off the board game and hitting a flower) recently caught ourĀ attention. What at first sight might look like a silly viral video, could be an important step in the survival of bees. To save us humans from a future without […]

Society of Simulations 

3D Print Your Own Nefertiti Bust

At the beginning of 2016, two artists made a 3D scan of the Nefertiti bust in the Neues Museum in Berlin and uploaded it to the Internet.