‘What we have to learn from nature is to understand it’s technology’

Rachel Armstrong

Applied scientist, innovator

Rachel Armstrong is Professor of Experimental Architecture at the Department of Architecture, Planning and Landscape, Newcastle University. She is also a 2010 Senior TED Fellow and pioneer of Black Sky Thinking, who is establishing an alternative approach to sustainability that couples with the computational properties of the natural world to develop a 21st century production platform for the built environment, which she calls ‘living’ architecture.


How a giant artificial reef could stop Venice from sinking – visualisation of the Future Venice project by Christian Kerrigan


Watch Rachel Armstrong’s TED talk about living architecture


Posts by Rachel Armstrong


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The self-repairing sole is a dynamic solution to an everyday problem.


The NBIC Convergence: When Machines and Matter ‘Have Sex’

The Singularity, as popularized by Ray Kurtzweil, refers to a near term, theoretical time when machine intelligence greatly surpasses our own. At this point we will experience a transition in our culture that poses an event horizon, beyond which future events cannot possibly be predicted or understood. Although Kurtzweil is no better placed than any […]

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