Ruben Baart
‘I was in the future yesterday’

Ruben Baart


Researcher and designer from the Netherlands. With a background in new media and design, Ruben obtained his Master’s degree in Visual Strategy. As editor at Next Nature Network, he works on both online and offline projects, and maintains the blogfeed. With an interest in new tech, digital utopias and hybrid design, he is continuously on the lookout for next nature related topics and themes.

Posts by Ruben Baart

Wild Systems 

Interview: Curator Ilari Laamanen on Momentum9, the Nordic Biennial

We recently spoke to Ilari Laamanen, to peel the outcrops of Momemtum9, and unveil the overlapping themes to the next nature philosophy.

Food Technology 

Dinner with Chef Watson

Chef Watson knows over 10.000 recipes. The highbrow robotic cook invited us over for dinner during the first Neo-Futurist Dinner at Mediamatic.

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