Siebren de Vos
‘For a caveman our world would be full of magic’

Siebren de Vos

Intern - Designer

Making the ECO coin system more tangible and visible is Siebren’s job as a designer at NNN. He believes it is important to connect different topics that might look random at first, but they will make new interesting ideas arise. He enjoys exploring how far the borders of the possible can be stretched. The merging of different technologies enables this and fascinates him. From biology to durable energy sources, he is interested in learning the most he can of different subjects.

Posts by Siebren de Vos

Information Decoration 

The Future of Firefighting

Firefighters can see through smoke with new thermal mask.

Suburban Utopia 

AI Draws New Worlds from Its Artificial Memory

An AI draws streets and spaces stitching together its artificial memories of real places.

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