Susana Cámara Leret

Artist / Designer

About Susana

Susana’s work oscillates between art, design and science, confronting scientific truth with the anecdotal or absurd. Her interests lie in cross-species exchanges, explored through sensory experiences in collaboration with experts from other disciplines. In 2014, Susana co-founded Thought Collider with Mike Thompson, an experimental, critical art / design research practice based in Amsterdam. Their work focuses on the exploration of the meanings and values that can be derived from alternative ways of experiencing built and mediated environments, motivated by emerging technologies. Susana is additionally co-founder of The Data & Ethics Working Group, an international collaborative art research team exploring public interaction with data access, exchange and retrieval systems, and ethics of data ownership.

thought collider, Mike Thompson and Susana Camara Leret

Interview: Mike Thompson and Susana Cámara Leret, Designers Exploring Alternative Ways of Thinking & Doing

Their work is rooted in design, has a flavor of art and a profound touch of science. It’s a blend of different types of knowledge that brings forth new knowledge. Central to their approach is an open-ended and all-inclusive mindset. Western science is as legitimate as indigenous traditions.

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