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TeYosh is a multidisciplinary art directors duo making cutting-edge contemporary digital art. It is a collaboration between Sofija Stankovic(b.1990) and Teodora Stojkovic(b.1989), both graduates of Design master program of Sandberg Institute.

Originally from Serbia, currently they live and work in Amsterdam. TeYosh is interested in defining and analyzing modern day social phenomena. Their artistic practice is devoted to exploring the relationship between human and technology. They explore how everyday use of digital technology has “rewired” our brains; it influenced our habits, thoughts and perception of the world. They comment on time we spend surrounded by digital technology and how our brain’s problem-solving mechanisms rely on it.

TeYosh works on commissioned design projects as well as on self-initiated research projects. The studio specialises in art direction and animation. TeYosh is available for working on art direction, video & animation, concept development, web design and giving lectures/workshops. Selected past clients include MTV, Nike, Playgrounds festival, MOTI museum and Barcelona Mobile Week.

Posts by TeYosh

Society of Simulations 

‘Halfseen’ means reading (the beginning of) a message without opening it

The appearance of “seen” has created a new phenomenon: opening messages partially, having a peek at the beginning of the message and assuming the rest so that the other person doesn’t get a “seen”. Also when writing a message, be aware of how your first sentence begins, because this is what the other person will […]

Society of Simulations 

‘WFF’ a person who you encountered briefly, but stays in your online life forever

Before social networks, there were episodic characters in our lives – people we’ve only met once or twice, and we haven’t heard from since. Nowadays whoever, we once add a person to our social media circle, we’ll stay in our news feed forever – and we’ll be regularly updated on their life events. They may […]

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