‘No matter how wild future scenarios might seem, it will never be an exaggeration’

Wei Lun Wang

Intern - Designer

Social designer with a background in product design and illustration. Wei’s main interests lie in the connection between design, daily behavior, and self-identity; the relation of design under current social changes, as well as the form of design fiction. He is especially inspired and fascinated by the exploration and application of absurd, ironic and provocative design approaches, as a way to tackle, criticize and trigger topics.


Posts by Wei Lun Wang

Intimate Technology 

Which Technologies will 2016 Bring?

The new year is right around the corner, let’s forget about long-term future for a while to check out what new tech trends will hit it big in 2016. At the end of every year, global design and strategy firm Frog predicts what technology trends will transform businesses in the coming year. In 2014 it was the rising of […]

Suburban Utopia 

Houses to Live Integrated with Nature

Easy-to-assemble customized tiny houses that can be covered under layers of soil, turf, or even sand and snow.

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