ECO Coin

A currency for sustainable action

Would the rain forest still be destroyed if we could pay people to let the trees stand? The ECO coin is an alternative currency to express environmental value. This is how we connect economy and ecology.

Alberto's Choice

Meet Alberto. A farmer in the Amazon rain forest. He has a choice. He can burn down the trees and grow soy to feed his family, or let the trees be and earn zero. What would you do?

If Alberto cuts the trees, another piece of the forest is lost, CO2 of in the atmosphere increases and global warming perpetuates. Still it would be hypocritical to make a moral call upon Alberto to let the trees be and not make a living – especially for people in industrialized countries that cut their trees centuries ago for economical gain.

Rather than preaching Alberto on his moral obligation towards the environment, we should economically compensate him to steward the rain forest.

This is aim of the ECO coin.

Economy = Ecology

Imagine we had a special ECO currency for environmental value. Then people who add value to the environment can earn ECOs to feed their families.

Why an Eco Coin?

If we have to deal with environmental issues like deforestation, decreasing biodiversity and climate change, we need to articulate environmental value in economical terms.

Comparing Two Ecologies



  • Stable for centuries
  • Self sustainable
  • Threatened ecosystem
  • Rapid growth in the last few decades
  • Feeds on Biosphere
  • Threatening ecosystem

Planetary Ceiling

What we call a growth economy is in fact a process of an economic sphere feeding on the environmental sphere (e.g. the oil trade). For a long time the environmental sphere seemed to be an infinite resource, because it was so much bigger than the economic sphere. In the last few decades, however, we have reached a point where the impact on the environmental sphere reaches the limit of what our planet can carry.

Balancing the Currencies

If we are to cope with current environmental crises like deforestation, decreasing biodiversity and climate change, we have to connect the economical ecology and the environmental ecology. With the latter we mean the ecology of plants, trees, animals, and other organic material. Whereas the economical ecology is defined by our financial system of market, money, goods and other economical exchange.

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