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Floriade 2022

Nature Loves Technology

There is a love story we want to introduce you to. About the connection between technological progress and nature's billions of years of wisdom. Nature Loves Technology is about this budding relationship and how together, they can both happily thrive.

A new phase

How wonderful can it be to live in a world in which nature and technology are in balance? Imagine. A food forest with solar-powered robots that take care of the crops. A house that grows with the family that lives in it. A sustainable green city with organic connections with the surrounding countryside. Could the rise of technology and its ever-changing influence mean a new phase in life?

Images by Studio Harm Rensink

Nature Loves Technology

An exhibition by Next Nature at Floriade in Almere where technological innovation collaborates with nature's rich diversity, and evolutionary experience. In our bio based natural pavilion you can discover innovations from over 24 artists exploring this relationship. Kiss the future!

growing green cities

In this year's theme, Growing Green Cities, nature is a co-creator of our urban habitats. Three floors will guide you through national, planetary and human scale solutions. Enter the future food restaurant where we present a radical new system of our food and the eating rituals that come with it. Visit the world’s first self-powering greenhouse by solar designer Marjan van Aubel, bringing the future of farming into our cities.

Find a new form of fashion in which garments grow, evolve and decay. Earn Eco coins in a new green economy that places value in sustainable actions. Envision a world without plastic with seaweed-ware bioplastic. Discover 3D printed organic materials that create unique habitats that stimulate biodiversity in the urban environment.

The chief curator is William Myers, also founder of the Museum of 21st Century Design - M21D, with Emma van der Leest, also the founder of BlueCity Lab. Together with Next Nature they are bringing the best biodesign practices together as part of the Dutch Innovation Experience (DiX).

Doe Het Lekker Zelf!

For this exhibition, Next Nature Academy developed a DIY book. This book can be used at home, but it also offers many possibilities for the classroom. Throughout its pages, children will find information about the artworks and designs that can be seen at the Floriade in the Dutch Experience Pavilion.

Download the free PDF (dutch only).

Get the book

When can I visit?

From April 14th, visit Nature Loves Technology at Floriade 2022, the international horticulture exhibition in Almere, NL. Floriade is about green, sustainable and creative solutions for the cities of the future. Our pavilion will keep flourishing after the expo, as the plot on reclaimed ground adapts to its surroundings.


  • Curation & Design

    Art Direction: Mieke Gerritzen
    Head Curator: William Myers, Next Nature fellow
    Guest Curator: Emma van der Leest, Next Nature fellow
    Narrator: Koert van Mensvoort
    Exhibition Design: Fiction Factory in collaboration with Studio Harm Rensink

  • Production

    Building: Noordereng Groep and partners
    Exhibition Build: Fiction Factory

  • Management

    Managing Director: Tim Hoogesteger
    Senior Project Manager: Jennifer Palumbo

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