50 Products from the Future

The NANO Supermarket


The NANO Supermarket book presents 50 nanotech products that do not exist yet. But may be on the market within 10-20 years: medicinal candy, programmable wine, interactive wall paint, or an energy belt that charges your mobile devices from your own belly fat. The products are innovative and useful as well as strange or uncanny. They are not meant to predict the future, but to propose scenarios that help us decide what future we want.

Nanotechnology is an emerging field of technologies that operate on a nanoscale, and that are finding their way into our lives. In 2010, the Next Nature Network set out a first call for speculative products to be presented in the NANO Supermarket, a mobile exhibition designed as a supermarket. Hundreds of Designers, technologists and artists from all over the world responded and a jury of nanotech and design experts helped selecting and evaluating the proposals. Ever since, the NANO Supermarket has traveled the world and inspired people to step into the future, and experience the potential impact of nanotechnology on our everyday lives.

— 50 products from the future
— Interviews with visitors and experts
— Reflection on design fiction methodology
— Index of nanotechnologies
— Feasibility indication based on expert vision

Published by Next Nature Network
© 2018 (1st edition)
Pocket size, 196 pages full color
Language: English
ISBN: 9789082438550

Creative direction: Koert van Mensvoort, Art direction: Hendrik-Jan Grievink, Design: Hendrik-Jan Grievink and Erik van der Veen, Visual editing: Francesca Barchiesi, Copywriting: Alessia Andreotti: Margherita Olivo, Ruben Baart, Koert van Mensvoort, Editing: Ruben Baart, Proof reading: Alessia Andreotti