Nano World Map



An imaginative map of the emerging world of nanotechnology.

The Nano World Map presents an overview of the state of the art of nanotechnology: its application domains, its enabling technologies and its products. When traveling through the landscape of the Nano World you will encounter opportunities, fears, risks and desires. Established technologies are presented as cities, while speculative applications are rendered as villages.

Map out your own route, or travel along the given routes on the map. Imagine how the products on your journey will impact your life and the lives of others. Will you use these products? Will they alter the natural environment? How can nanotechnology change your life?

Keep one in your car’s glove department – you never know when the future will take a detour.


The Nano World Map was designed by Niko Vegt, advised by Hendrik-Jan Grievink, Koert van Mensvoort and Bart Walhout in collaboration with the Rathenau Institute.

Created for the Nano Supermarket.

Sponsored by Nanopodium.