Pyramid of Technology Toolkit

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Every human being has to cope with technological change, yet few of us are aware of how new technologies are introduced, accepted and discarded in our society. The Pyramid of Technology toolkit visualizes how technology becomes nature and what we can learn from that. It helps us to dream, build and live in our next nature – the nature caused by humans.

The toolkit is a workshop-in-a-box to help you better understand and discuss technology, facilitate brainstorming and catalyze innovative processes. Question Cards stimulate debate, Insight Cards visualize technology dynamics and Workshop Cards provide ten off-the-shelf exercises for you, your co-workers or your client.


– 70 Question Cards
– 10 Insight Cards
– 10 Workshop Cards
– Essay ‘Pyramid of Technology’


Are you looking for a stimulating way to explore technology? NNN organizes workshops using a physical Pyramid of Technology as conceptual tool. The content of these workshops is built around the next nature concept and related themes, but can as well be tailored to specific needs. If you host a NNN workshop, you get seven toolkits for free! For more information about our inspiring sessions, please contact: workshops[at]