Work with the Next Nature philosophy, methodology and tools

Virtual worlds, printed food, living cities and wild robots; we’re so surrounded by technology that it’s becoming our next nature. It may sound abstract, but it’s closer than you think; cars will drive themselves and heart valves are 3D printed. How to dream, build and live in this next nature? And how to anticipate all this in your work?

In this intermediate level course you will be introduced to an inspiring new vision of a future in which biology and technology are merging. We offer you the philosophy, methods and tools and to better anticipate change, improve your future literacy and put this into practice. A perfect way to boost your creativity! On top of that, you are invited to bring in a case study from your own practice and work together with our talented creators.


  • Introduction into the Next Nature philosophy
  • Interactive lecture and inspiring excersizes
  • Work with tools such as the ‘Pyramid of Technology’
  • Pro tips from our design experts

After this workshop:

  • You will see ‘nature’ and ‘technology’ in a very different way
  • You wil have found a new angle to generate ideas from
  • You know the basics of the Next Nature tools
  • You know how to put these tools into practice

Practical information

This course is especially designed for creative professionals who are looking for a new approach to their work. However, having a creative profession is not a necessity for admittance. The course is an excellent introduction into design-thinking en approaching complex challenges from a design perspective.

  • Duration: 3 days, 10.00 – 16.30
  • Participants: 15 max.
  • Location: Amsterdam (to be announced)
  • Language: english


Hendrik-Jan Grievink is art director and designer at Next Nature Network since 2007. He is responsible for the (co-)development and design of projects such as the Meat the Future and the In Vitro Meat cookbook. Hendrik-Jan develops methods such as the Pyramid of Technology has led Next Nature workshops all over the globe.

Els Dragt is developer and trainer at Next Nature Academy. For over 15 years, she has been researching the future for various organizations, both non-profit and commercial. She is author of various books about trend research and is a much-booked speaker and workshop host. Next to this, Els shares her knowledge and skills with students worldwide.

Book now!

Click on the button below to book the workshop. If you think three days is a bit too much, you may consider our 1-day workshop as well, which offers a bit of everything in a more introductory way. For more information, please contact us via workshops-at-nextnature-dot-net, or call +31 (0)202613853.