The always excellent VPRO Tegenlight made an interview with Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Žižek in which he talks about the ongoing ecological crisis and concludes that Nature doesn't exist, at least not as the balanced and harmonic force we traditionally take it for.

Of course our faithful readers – yes thats you! – already long know that Nature is better understood as a dynamic force that changes along with us. Even so it is an illuminating joy to hear Žižek express it in his own eccentric words.

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  • LJ

    @Allison Guy: You know this is from A Pervert's Guide to Cinema and he was joking, right? You need to watch more Zizek interviews, he has a habit of being completely unserious (without changing his pitch like most americans, like myself, do) and taking it to the extreme and then flipping that on its head to the reverse to show the contradictions and extremes in both propositions. Watch the film (you have to torrent it now) and decide for yourself before you come to such a brash conclusion. There are 5-plus scenes in the film that will show you both this style and his feelings regarding women. I'll leave you with a quote from the film: "masculinity is an escape from subjectivity".. ...annnnddddddd Goodnight.

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  • Zizek apparently also has abandoned reason. Whatever his version of Next Nature is, it's (white) boys-only.

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