Five years ago we presented a speculative product called Organic Coke to stir a discussion on the use of natural imagery to market products. Last year we reported on an internal presentation of the Coca-Cola company that analyzed the opportunities of Organic Coke. Guess what? This month the soda-giant launches healthier and eco-friendlier option to consumers. They call it: Cola Life.

Coca-Cola Life’ is said to be an all-natural, low-calorie soda packaged in a fully-recyclable plant-based bottle. The drink is made with a mixture of sugar and stevia-based substitute, and contains two times fewer calories than regular Coke. The all organic sugar drink is launched in Argentina, with total world domination soon to follow. The website is a schoolbook parody of biomimic marketing, except that it is not a parody.

Organic Coke: Camouflage color in the Grass.

organic_coke_arrives Overview of the campaign images: dig that ivy grown logo right below.

4 Drink coke only from crates that your grandmother would recognize as crates.

Speculative Organic Coke design from 2008 Original Speculative Organic Coke design from 2008

View Cola-Life website (2013), View Organic Coke (2008). Thanks Rachel.

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  • We have a can, and since the label lists "azucar", we're assuming it means cane sugar.

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  • By "sugar" you do mean organic cane sugar, and not high fructose corn syrup, right?

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  • It feels like a really awkward and unclear way to say what "half" covers really clearly.

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  • "contains two times less the calories than regular Coke" Negative calories?

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  • jt

    "two times less"? What does that mean? 1/3? 1/4?

    Posted on

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