Inspired by the natural bamboo forests, where a wide range of trees coexist and create an overlapping network, a group of architects looked at natural forests to design the Bamboo Skyscraper. With this project the team at CRG Architects rethought the way we build and asked: what if we stopped cutting into our forests and started recreating them?

Through a collection of towers, varying in height, the idea is to achieve an Architect’s Village Bamboo Skyscraper concept, setting a high standard of urban and contemporary sustainable design possibility in Singapore.

"Bamboo is a giant grass. Some species grow stronger and harder than oak in just 5 years" the firm states. "Why wouldn’t we want to build with a strong natural fiber that takes 5 years to grow instead of 20, 40 or 80 years?".  

The plan envisages the presence of pillars in the building’s foundation made up entirely of bamboo and held together at joints by stainless steel, an element essential to its construction as well as its aesthetic.

What will urban spaces look like using bamboo as main material for building construction? Check out more of Architect's Village in the renderings below.

bamboo1 bamboo2 bamboo3 bamboo4Source: The Creators Project

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