Breaking the silence, vegetables in a Japanese supermarket start to talk to the customers. Founded and developed by Uda Lab and Hakuhodo I-Studio’s HACKist Creative Lab, this unique in-store promotion prototype, Talkable Vegetables, was tested starting this summer in Hug Mart in Sapporo, Hokkaido.

Tomatoes, broccoli and corncobs in the store are connected with an interactive device in a special designed wooden crate. As Hakuhodo says in a press release, this is a machine that delivers farmers’ honesty. Thanks to this tool these veggies are able to speak out their own traceability information to customers, with the voice of the farmers who actually grew the products.

Working by the voltage differential between the moisture in human skin and vegetable, when clients touch or pick up the products they triggers a set of pre-recorded audios. The contact with the vegetable transmits the electronic signals, conveys the messages, and further initiates the connection between customers and producers.

This interactive device allows framers to inform potential customers about the origin of the vegetables and the secrets that make them so special and tasty. Customers can confirm a farm product safety and trustworthiness. Furthermore, it also provides a new experience which considers the product itself as a part of the retail system.

Source: Japan Trend

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