As technology progresses not only cleaners, taxi drivers and accountants, but also the president of the United States, may be replaced by intelligent machines. Especially with the imperfect 2016 candidates, Trump and Hillary, it is tempting to consider IBM's artificial intelligence system Watson as the leader of the free world.

Watson has already made quite a name for itself after its victory on Jeopardy in 2011. Since Watson won that quiz show, it kept on making medical predictionsreviewing written texts and offering insights on products performance, among other accomplishments. The next step might be to explore the artificial intelligence's presidential prospects. Should we elect Watson for President?

The idea might seem crazy at first, yet Watson was designed to find the best possible answers based on vast volumes of data; a task all politicians undergo on a daily basis, including the president. Could this job be more suitably and efficiently executed by an artificial intelligence than by a human being?

Although the Watson for President website is clearly a stunt, it does offer food for thought on the future of governance. Would you vote for an artificial intelligence to govern our society?

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