TreeWiFi is an innovative project by an Amsterdam-based startup. They are building birdhouses equipped with a sensor to measure the quality of the air. The sensors used are much cheaper than regular sensors, allowing them to keep the installation of such birdhouses quite low-cost, with the only addiction of a WiFi router.

The data collected are sent to a server that analyzes them and then sends the results back for everyone to see. Whenever the server detects an improvement in the air conditions, it will share a free Internet connection with anyone who's nearby.

Users also get tips and tricks on how to improve the air quality, allowing everyone to bring positive change in return of a useful, free Internet service. Giving people free connection and agreeable lightning for their city is a good strategy to reward citizens and raise the level of local awareness on an issue such as air pollution.

It would be great to see more projects like this, especially in towns where the level of pollution is high and causes many diseases. In the near future, founder Joris Lam hopes to install at least 500 units in the city of Amsterdam, or other European cities that want to tackle air pollution by gaining understanding and raising consciousness.

Source: Het Parool. Images: TreeWiFi

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