A horse can run faster than a human, yet nobody claims horses will make mankind dispensable. When a man rides a horse and the two work together, something new happens. Then, what about robots? Are robots a new species we can work together with? Welcome to HUBOT, the job agency for people and robots.

Our virtual office opens on the 12th of October 2017, but you can already start your application now.

16 Jobs From the Future

HUBOT explores the future of work. Our goal is to inspire everybody, from people with lower education to highly educated ones, from young to old, including those who are currently excluded from the labor market. The speculative job agency is the catalyst for the changing job market. It offers 16 professions in which technology allows people to do jobs they could not have done otherwise. What do you think about a mover wearing a robotic suit, a gaming farm manager, or a six-armed masseur?

Shiva Therapist

The human touch has a unique therapeutic effect that a machine cannot replace. That’s why as a shiva therapist, you are massaging with your own hands. But for the heavy work, you have four additional robotic arms at your disposal. These will allow you to work for the entire day and will enable you to give overwhelming six-handed massages. Like an octopus, but with a human sensitivity. The best massage ever!

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Want to learn more about HUBOT and get a glimpse of our jobs? Visit the HUBOT project page to know more.

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HUBOT can be found at the MediaMarkt in Eindhoven from the 21st of October during the Dutch Design Week 2017, and will travel around the world afterwards. HUBOT is a project by Next Nature Network, Start Foundation and Gemeente Eindhoven.

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