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Human Planet

Space Tourism: Your next vacation destination might not be on Earth

Back in the mid-twentieth century, before the first moon landing, people had all sorts of ideas about the golden age of space travel in front of them. Colonize the moon! Fly astronauts to Mars! Take a holiday in space! Decades later, reality still hasn’t lived up to any of these sci-fi visions. But at last, several ambitious projects are bringing one of them closer to reality: space tourism might not be a fantasy for much longer.

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Manufactured Landscapes

Discover the 3D printed Dutch Island that doesn’t exist on Google Maps

Already in the 18th century, French philosopher Voltaire said: “God created the World, except for the Netherlands, that they have done themselves.” Ever since the Dutch are working to meet that claim.

While other countries still have relatively untouched areas, in the Netherlands, every square meter has been designed. This includes natural reserves, which we not only conserve, but now also build.

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Chernobyl protective dome

Chernobyl goes green: The ambitious plan to reclaim a nuclear disaster site

Chernobyl is famous as the site of the worst nuclear power accidents in history. The 1986 disaster has come to represent the perils of nuclear energy, much as Hiroshima represents the danger of nuclear weapons. But some think Chernobyl needn’t only be a negative example. An enormous dome was placed over the reactor in 2016 to seal in radiation. Now, an ambitious new plan is in place to start generating energy at Chernobyl again. But don’t worry – this time, it’s solar.

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Counteracting Climate Change with Geoengineering

Counteracting Climate Change with Geoengineering

We know that the world’s climate is changing, in large part thanks to us. If we can impact the world in this way quite by accident, it makes sense to think that we can also produce these kinds of effects conscientiously. This is the insight that guides researchers like David Grinspoon, who argues that a radical new process called geoengineering might be the only way to save us from climate change.

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Drones protect Indonesia and help predict volcano eruption
Wild Systems

Drones Protect Indonesia from Volcanic Danger

In this Anthropocene era we often think of ourselves as controlling the natural world. But natural disasters, like volcanic eruptions, remind us that our planet can still be dangerously unpredictable. In the Indonesian province of Bali, this danger looms large. But now, scientists are using drones to forestall the danger and make the invisible workings of the volcano visible.

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Manufactured Landscapes

Celebrating Dutch Water Protection:
Last Weeks to See ‘Gates of Light’

The Afsluitdijk, a 32.5 km long protective dike that shorthened the coastline of The Netherlands drastically, is an eloquent example of manufactured landscape. It helped men to turn a sea into a lake, safer shorelines and a new province. When you’re around the coming weeks, you can explore the latest art project of NNN ambassador Daan Roosegaarde and discover the iconic, yet historical value of the Closing Dike. And yes, it’s worth a drive.

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