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The first beauty contest judged by complex algorithms has sparked controversy after biased results.
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The First Beauty Contest Judged by AI

Do you have what it takes to become the world’s most beautiful man or woman? Roughly 6.000 people from over 100 countries think they do. The contestants submitted their photos after Beauty.AI launched their beauty contest this year. What was remarkable was not so much its content, but rather its judges: the “human beauty” of the participants was judged by complex algorithms.

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Watch the First Movie Trailer Made by AI

IBM’s Watson strikes again! After analyzing the trailers of 100 existing horror movies, the artificial intelligence created its first movie trailer for the sci-fi thriller Morgan. The supercomputer performed an audio, visual and composition analysis to develop an “understanding” of what a trailer must incorporate. Totaling six minutes of footage, a human editor stepped in to arrange the scenes in a coherent order.

The movie is directed by Luke Scott, Ridley Scott’s son, and tells the story of a humanoid robot with advanced AI that goes beyond control.


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When FB Replaced Editors with Algorithm

Remember how earlier this year an algorithm went rogue? Something similar happened recently when Facebook decided to eliminate its editors of the ‘trending’ news module and left an algorithm to do this job. What Zuckerberg’s team did not foresee is that algorithm without humans went crazy, pushing out false stories about a news anchor, a writer and McDonald’s.

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robots taking government jobs
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Robots Taking Government Jobs

Meet Amelia, the first virtual employee to work along with human coworkers in a council job. This robot will cover the frontline public services of the Enfield City Council, England, starting late summer. Available as text and as a digital avatar, her ability to communicate with humans in natural language enables her to validate licenses, handle requests for permits and take residents’ queries.

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The Movie Written by Artificial Intelligence

“The question for us was: is a computer able to write a screenplay?” these are the words of Oscar Sharp, director of this short movie, written by an artificial intelligence system. The answer is clearly yes. Sunspring is the result of this attempt: a sci-fi short movie of nine minutes where the main actor is Thomas Middleditch, character of the cult series Silicon Valley.

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teaching assistant jill watson
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Your Teaching Assistant Is a Robot

We tend to think that there are certain categories of jobs that can’t be replaced by machines, yet. Something like a college teacher, for example. Jill Watson performed as teaching assistant for several students of the Georgia Institute for Technology. The thing students didn’t realize is that she wasn’t a real person. The experiment lasted five months during which Jill’s task was to help students, by answering their questions online. Her responses were so credible and elaborate, that they didn’t doubt her identity.

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Intimate Technology

Which Technologies will 2016 Bring?

The new year is right around the corner, let’s forget about long-term future for a while to check out what new tech trends will hit it big in 2016. At the end of every year, global design and strategy firm Frog predicts what technology trends will transform businesses in the coming year. In 2014 it was the rising of drones, augment reality and self-driving cars; while 2015 was the year of 3D printed meals, virtual currency and wearable devices. What tech trends in healthcare, education, lifestyle, communication and relationships will define our 2016? New year, new technologies; let’s take a look!

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