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Coca-Cola Vase

Coca-Cola, 2006, Vase from the Neolithic Age (5000–3000 BC), paint, 45.4 x 36 x 36 cm. Our peculiar object of the week was created by Ai Weiwei. Courtesy Galerie Urs Meile, Beijing – Lucerne. Image: Ian Hobbs.

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So you thought augmented reality is something new? Guess you are so attuned to the already existing augmentation of reality that you don’t even notice it anymore. The short film Kapitaal gives you a clear impression of the enormous amount of visual stimuli that plague us every day. Due to the immense scale of the visual bombardment, the commercial effectiveness has become utterly dubious.

Created by the wondrous Studio Smack.

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Kosher Coke

Last week I opened a bag of potato crisps that read: “We know the origins of all our ingredients”. As some crisps had already disappeared down my throat, this made me suddenly aware of the situation. I realized that I was taking my daily building blocks, but knew nothing about them except for the price that I had paid in the store.

Why is it of my interest that “they” know what is currently sitting in my stomach? The short answer to this question: faith. The sentence “We know the origins of all our ingredients” implies that I should have greater trust in some distant company, than in my own tongue or brain.

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Shell Logo Evolution

Corporate logos constantly have to adapt in order to survive. In the case of the Shell oil company this results in an image that ironically resembles the ones we know from the biology classes.

Still one wonders how the biomimicmarketing of the seashell came into existence. The reason is rather straightforward: “The word ‘Shell’ first appeared in 1891, as the trade mark for kerosene being shipped to the Far East by Marcus Samuel and Company. This small London business dealt originally in antiques, curios and oriental seashells.”

Perhaps in due time, when all the oil is gone, the multinational could return to selling antiques, curios and oriental seashells again. No?

Via Shell History. Related posts: Razorius Gilletus, Coke Mutation, Survival of the Bankrupt companies, Fata Morgana.

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Coke Mutation

We’re unsure on the survival prospects of this oddly mutated Coca-Pepsi-Cola can. This could be the ultimate coke – if only the current species could interbreed. Peculiar image of the week. Designer unknown.

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Nongenetic Evolution

Razorius Gilletus – On the Origin of a Next Species

Is the evolution of the single bladed razor into an exorbitant five–bladed vibrating gizmo the outcome of human needs, or is there another force in play? Say hello to Razorius Gillettus, one of the new species emerging from our technoeconomic ecology. Proof that evolution should be understood as a universal principle rather than a DNA-specific process. Yet if this is the case, how can we become responsible stewards of these new, non-genetic forms of life?

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Coca-Cola© succeeds in what most NGO’s try to achieve: getting the goods to the poor in the 3rd world  Africa. For most people there, a Coke is easier to get and cheaper than a bottle of drinking water. One might say that we shouldn’t encourage them to drink that much Coke, but we can also use the system. Colalife© aims to use the efficiency of the Coca-Cola distribution chain to ship medicines to the places that need them. Parasiting on the crates of Coke, the containers fit perfectly in the spaces unused.

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Energy-aware Internet-routing

Google datacenters
Data-hungry companies like Google, Microsoft and Amazon could reduce their energy consumption with 40% by rerouting data to locations where electricity prices are lowest on a particular day. A smart routing algorithm could take advantage of daily and hourly fluctuations in electricity costs across the country (US) perhaps even the world. Further it could weigh up the physical distance needed to route information (it is more expensive to move data over greater distances) against the likely cost savings from reduced energy use. Energy prices fluctuate daily (changes in supply, consumer demand, fuel price hikes), even among geographically close locations. It is the outcome of research done by PhD student Asfandyar Qureshi and colleagues at MIT.

Google recently built a datacenter in Belgium that relies entirely on ambient cooling — on days when the weather gets too warm, the center’s servers are simply shut down. The energy-aware Internet-routing scheme is an extension of this idea says Bruce Maggs, vice president of research at Akamai. Data distribution alone will not be able to do the trick; servers need to use substantially less power when idle than when fully running. Further he remarks: “The paper is not about saving energy but about saving cost, although there are some ways to do both. You have to hope that those are aligned.” 

Via: technologyreview.com | Related: Search Engine | Energy Consumption shown on Power Plant | Datafountain | Power Aware Cord

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Corporate animal wallpaper (in real life)

Students of the Next Nature Theme at TU/e Industrial design in Eindhoven decided to jungle-up their working environment a bit with the corporate animal wallpaper.

Hand painted (!) by Jurrian Tjeenk Willink, Glenn Jacobs, Kevin Pfeil and Josien Rijswijk. Original pattern design by Karl Grandin, of whom the corporate animal sweater is still available.

See also: Corporate animal pattern laptop engraving, Five strategies of biomimicmarketing, A wood of logos, Nextnature@Volume magazine, Designing for Next Nature @ TU Eindhoven.

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Brand dating


Male – BMW, Armani, Durex – is looking for a Female – Dolce & Gabana, New York Times, Victoria’s Secret.

Branddating.nl is a (serious) dating site that relies on the identification people have with brands. It replaces characteristics like “sporty”, “spontaneous” and “funny” with brands like “Apple©”, “Starbucks©” and “Camel©”. We were surprised how well it works and how much more easy it was to describe yourself with brands than it was to do it with words. Although the site offers a lot of Dutch brands, we guess you get the point.

Start dating: Branddating.nl. See also: iReligion, Wood of Logo’s, Media sunrise, We are all born in a world.

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