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Nano Supermarket

NANO Supermarket 2014 Call for Products

The NANO Supermarket is evolving! After three successful years touring the globe presenting speculative products to over 50.000 people, the NANO supermarket is now entering its third edition. We are calling upon designers, technologists and artists to submit their speculative nanotech products for the next round of the NANO supermarket. A selection of the most innovative products will be exhibited in the physical space, and featured in the accompanying catalogue. The best product overall will win a € 2500 prize.

Nanotechnology is an important emerging technology  – it radically intervenes with our sense of what is natural – yet most people are still relatively unaware of its consequences. The Next Nature NANO Supermarket is a physical “supermarket” that features debate-provoking visions on nanotech products that could be expected to hit the shelves between today and 2020.

Just what is a nano product? Click through for some examples of our past entries: Interactive Paint, Twitter Implants, an Energy Belt that allows you to charge your phone from your own belly fat, Molecular printed food, metabolic guardians, an environmentally friendly Algue Lampbiocustomized sneakers from genetically modified stingray leather, a Smoke Dress, bioorganic jewelry and donor organs crafted by silk worms.

Besides submitting a product to the call you can also host the NANO Supermarket at your city or event.

The NANO Supermarket is made possible with the kind support of Stichting Doen, Creative Industries Fund NL, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, SNS REAAL Fonds and Eindhoven University of Technology.

For information and updates, visit nanosupermarket.org. Submission deadline 15 May 2014.

Meat the Future

Support Our In Vitro Meat Cookbook

The In Vitro Meat Cookbook presents speculative lab-grown meat products that might be on your plate one day: knitted steaks, meat ice cream, revived dodo wings, crispy-colorful magic meatballs, meat fruit amuse-bouches, meat paint, beef sushi grown under perfectly controlled lab settings and more.

Our debate-provoking products are innovative as well as uncanny and disturbing. The cookbook will be the ultimate conversation starter on the future of meat. And the perfect present from a vegetarian to a meat lover, or from a meat lover to a vegetarian. Help us realize the In Vitro Meat Cookbook and be part of the future of our meat!


Nano Supermarket

Design Indaba Interview

Our South African friends of Design Indaba made a nifty little video of the Next Nature presentation we did at the What Design Can Do conference this spring.

Next Nature researchers Van Mensvoort & Grievink explain how speculative design can make abstract new technologies tangible and emphasize the urgency to get a grip on the technologies that will constitute our next nature. If we don’t domesticate our technologies, they will domesticate us.


Killing Cancer Cells, Arcade-Style

Even if medicines are getting smarter thanks to nanotechnology, they still often require human direction. The Healing Game, a speculative nano-device developed by Martijn van den Broeck at the Next Nature Lab, offers this to the patient in the form of a lifesaving video game.

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