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Nano Supermarket

Design Indaba Interview

Our South African friends of Design Indaba made a nifty little video of the Next Nature presentation we did at the What Design Can Do conference this spring.

Next Nature researchers Van Mensvoort & Grievink explain how speculative design can make abstract new technologies tangible and emphasize the urgency to get a grip on the technologies that will constitute our next nature. If we don’t domesticate our technologies, they will domesticate us.


Killing Cancer Cells, Arcade-Style

Even if medicines are getting smarter thanks to nanotechnology, they still often require human direction. The Healing Game, a speculative nano-device developed by Martijn van den Broeck at the Next Nature Lab, offers this to the patient in the form of a lifesaving video game.

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Nextnature Event

Win the Next Nature iPad Appzine

Nowadays, people know more brands and logos than bird or tree species. What about you? How many brands can you recognize in our Corporate Animal pattern? Today, we’re happy to give to our Next Nature readers the chance to win the Next Nature Appzine. Just identify five corporate “species” from the logos in this image, and write their names in the comments below. The lucky winners will be announced on Friday.

Just what is the Next Nature Appzine? This iPad app presents a fascinating selection of material from our lustrous Next Nature book, wholly re-designed for the iPad and upgraded with interactive specials and audiovisual content. It’s nature, but not as you know it.