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Floating gym in Paris
Office Garden

A Floating Gym in Paris

The episode ‘Fifteen Million Merits’ of the British TV series Black Mirror depicts a future world where everyone must cycle on exercise bikes to power their surroundings. This fiction could become reality with the latest concept by Italian design firm Carlo Ratti Associati. They envisioned a floating gym that harnesses human energy to sail down the Seine River in Paris.

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FysioPal is a smart top intended to support and enhance the upper-body and posture.
Intimate Technology

A Smart Top to Correct Body Posture

Our bodies are not designed for a sedentary lifestyle, but in our technology-driven society we spend most of our days sitting down – in front of a computer, commuting to and from work, watching TV in the evening. That’s why the latest creation of fashion designer and NNN fellow Pauline van Dongen is made to rehabilitate the body in case of bad posture and it is perfect to wear during office hours.

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Fitbit just released a new motivational feature that aims to trigger their users to go out and exercise more.
Intimate Technology

Bringing Augmented Reality to Fitness

The advent of activity-monitoring body trackers has enabled millions of people to track their physical stats with ease, but it also added another important aspect to it, fun. The addition of gaming elements to exercise made workouts more accessible and rewarding for people in need of help to reach their fitness goals. Therefore, industry leader Fitbit just released a new motivational feature, called Adventures. By unlocking virtual sightseeing, health tips and “fun facts” along the way, the fitness tracker aims to trigger their users to go out and exercise more.

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Shock Therapy for a Better Self

“The lines are going to blur, between therapy and enhancement. Between treatment and prevention and between need and desire.”  This is a quote by biophysicist and best-selling author Gregory Stock in his Ted Talk ‘To Update is Human’ from 2003. Eleven Years later we arrived to that predicted level with the habit forming device Pavlok. It is a bracelet that gives you electric shocks if you don’t achieve the set goal. The designer, Maneesh Sethi, pledges an enhancement of your daily life by zapping yourself and changing thereby your old habits.

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Back to the Tribe

We Are Weaker Than Our Ancestors

Researchers confirm that modern society technologies and comforts caused the decline of our overall strength.
We don’t need science to realize our lifestyle is sedentary and not active enough. What we didn’t know is that, compared to our ancestors, our body became weaker and less fit than it used to be 7.000 years ago.

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The (Almost) Invisible Dancing Wheelchair

Merry Lynn Morris is a dance professor at the University of South Florida. She is also an inventor. Morris believes that everyone should be able to dance, regardless of any physical disability, which is why she invented the Rolling Dance Chair. It is designed to disappear under the dancer with a clear seat, and it moves and rotates intuitively based on the dancer’s  body movements. Morris says it is an extension of the dancer much like any other prop or equipment that they use, rather than a burden.

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Feeling Sad? Ladies in Korea Go Under the Knife for a Perma-Smile

In South Korea, the global epicenter of plastic surgery, a newly popular form of augmentation is the “liptail”. Originally invented to help middle-aged folks reverse the downturned lips brought on by aging, this surgery is reportedly being adopted by the younger set to permanently create a cute, cheerful smile. While most opt for a more subtle lift, some girls go for the full-on duckface. Unlike other surgeries that merely change the body’s form, this one permanently alters its expression – perhaps an effort to be more happy by looking more happy.

Via Kotaku.

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Did Monogamy Make Us Human?

Want to justify the amount of time you spend on your online dating profile? It turns out that monogamy (along with language, booze, cooking, and bipedalism) may be one of those unique traits that “made us human”. While primates as a whole are an unusually monogamous for mammals, our closest relatives, the great apes, are all into promiscuous free-love. Though the benefits of the human pair bond are obvious now – it’s helpful for rearing big-brained, energy-intensive offspring – scientists are still split on why human monogamy evolved in the first place.

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