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Join us for the closing event of The Art of Impact
Meat the Future

Bistro In Vitro at The Art of Impact

Join us next Monday for the closing event of The Art of Impact in Amsterdam. Our ice cream car will be serving savory sweet frozen delights, and NNN director Koert van Mensvoort will share some of his favorite dishes from our In Vitro Meat cookbook. Besides that, NNN fellows Arne Hendriks and Mike Thompson will screen their collaborative research project Fatberg, focused on the construction of a floating island of fat. Make sure not to miss this one and reserve your tickets in time! More info: The Art of Impact.

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Get 50% off our In Vitro Meat Cookbook until December 25!
Meat the Future

Get 50% Off Our In Vitro Meat Cookbook

Hello food lovers! What are you serving for Christmas? How about starting off with some see-through sashimi, followed by a beautiful Shepherd’s Knitted Pie, and complement with delicious Meat Fruit Tartlets? These are just a few examples taken from our In Vitro Meat Cookbook, which contains 45 speculative recipes with cultured meat that could end up on your plate one day. Although you can’t prepare the dishes just yet, the cookbook provides enough food for discussion around the dinner table. Join the debate and get our In Vitro Meat Cookbook (available in English and Dutch) 50% off in our web shop until December 25. Merry Christmas from the future!

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Meat the Future

Dessert Goals: Bistro In Vitro Ice Cream

In the upcoming episode of Dutch youth education series Denktank (translated think tank) philosopher Stine Jensen and eight teenagers will explore the future of food. They will ask themselves where it comes from and what you can do with it. Speculating on gastronomic improvements in their school canteen, they will challenge their eating habits through a visionary four-course meal. From a shake that includes the recommended daily intake of nutrients, to a crunchy toast with grasshopper and some delightful crickets. The kids will conclude their meal with some meat-flavored ice cream, freshly scooped from our Bistro In Vitro ice cream cart. What will they think about these alternative dishes?

The episode will be broadcasted on Sunday, December 11th, at 11:20 on NPO 3, you can also watch it online.

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Meat the Future

Cultured Meat Closer to Reality

If you take a quick look at Bistro In Vitro some of the dishes offered in this speculative restaurant menu may seem impossible or only doable in a far future. But new companies are seeing the potential of this technology to solve food scarcity, reduce pollution and offer cruelty free meat. One of these firms is Tyson Foods, the meat giant.

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Manufactured Animals

New Diets for Cows Can Stop Gas Emissions

We’ve all experienced that awkward moment when the body remembers about the beans we ate earlier. Humans are not the only ones who get a bit flatulent after eating certain foods. Cattle emanate 14.5 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions each year. To be exact, yearly 90 million metric tonnes of methane are burped and farted into the atmosphere with drastic effects on climate change. Researchers world wide are looking for ways to change the cow’s diet. Oregano, seaweed and super grass, here how scientists are reprogramming cows guts.

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Meat the Future Cube Design Museum
Meat the Future

Meat the Future Happy Deal: 2 for 1

Hello meat eaters, hello vegetarians. Welcome to Meat the Future, our exhibition to presents a possible and controversial alternative to meat production: in vitro meat. Installed at Cube Design Museum in Kerkrade (The Netherlands) as a restaurant for trailblazers, world changers and nature lovers. We invite you to visit it to experience 30 cultured meat dishes that could end up on our plates.

Next Nature Members can bring a guest for free until December 31, download the coupon here and join us!

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Designer Wataru Kobayashi created a picnic cutlery set to promote eating insects.
Food Technology

Cutlery Set to Eat Bugs

With modern cutlery we have added a new pair of fingers to the dinner table. We use our augmented hands to prepare, serve and especially eat our food. Needless to say that eating utilities are adjusted to our habits. Due to the predicted food crisis of 2050, we might want to change these habits. Therefore, designer Wataru Kobayashi created BUGBUG, a picnic cutlery set to promote the consumption of insects (entomophagy) .

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Chloé Rutzerveld presents a modern version of the iconic stroopwafel, fully made of vegetables.
Food Technology

From Vegetable to Stroopwafel

Stroopwafels are – just like tulips, clogs and windmills – iconic for the Netherlands. This traditional recipe dates back to the end of the 18th century in Gouda, when a baker started making waffles from residual crumbs and spices and sweetened them with syrup. With STROOOP! food designer and NNN fellow Chloé Rutzerveld presents a modern version of the typical Dutch delicacy, fully made of vegetables.

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