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Interview: Leanne Wijnsma, Designer for the Instinct Who Uses Smell as Medium

Dutch experience designer Leanne Wijnsma designs for the human instinct and puts the sense of smell back to where it belongs, as modern hazards have shifted to the digital realm.

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Scan of neurons connected
Augmented Bodies

A Step Further in the Race Against AI

Today we have powers that we could not even imagine few years ago. We can communicate with people on the other side of the world, we have access to a huge amount of information in seconds, we can visit places without moving. Until now these powers have always depended on the support of tech devices, but with the Neural Lace this could soon change.

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Are these the headphones of the future
Augmented Bodies

Are These the Headphones of the Future?

With the pompous and promised-to-be groundbreaking introduction of iPhone7, specialists and everyday users started a battle over the lack of 3.5 mm headphone jack. Instead of getting the standard free wired earphones, you need to buy the AirPods wireless ones for $159. While some are happy to forget about tangled cord, others complain about making Apple devices even more exclusive. Putting the practical issues aside, there comes a question on what this really means.

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Intimate Technology

Preventing Data Leaks with Smell

The human olfactory system is capable of detecting one trillion different scents. The ability to smell not only lets us enjoy the fragrances of roses and perfume, it also warns us when something is not right. Take gas for instance, the addition of an artificial scent to the odorless matter allows our noses to function as a cautionary tool in case of a leak. The project Smell of Data has adopted this approach and altered it into a device that warns us against the unscented danger of our digital landscape: data.

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Fitbit just released a new motivational feature that aims to trigger their users to go out and exercise more.
Intimate Technology

Bringing Augmented Reality to Fitness

The advent of activity-monitoring body trackers has enabled millions of people to track their physical stats with ease, but it also added another important aspect to it, fun. The addition of gaming elements to exercise made workouts more accessible and rewarding for people in need of help to reach their fitness goals. Therefore, industry leader Fitbit just released a new motivational feature, called Adventures. By unlocking virtual sightseeing, health tips and “fun facts” along the way, the fitness tracker aims to trigger their users to go out and exercise more.

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