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Back to the Tribe

Divine Nature

Photographer Holly Wilmeth seeks to capture the encounter between women and nature, symbolized into animal form.

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The Flying Car

From automobile to airplane: the flying car is built to travel as easily on the road as in the sky.

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Age of Internet Empires

Inspired by the videogame Ages of Empires, this old-timey map illustrates the most visited websites in each country, with the size of nations altered to reflect the number of Internet users there.

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Marine Plastic Creatures

Australia-based photographer Kim Preston draws the attention on plastic pollution of marine ecosystems. With a series of brilliant pictures, titled Plastic Pacific, she explores the devastating impact of plastics accumulation in the oceans by transforming everyday household objects into sea creatures.

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Bug Art

Bugs Paintings: Mixing Art and Science

Have you ever thought of using bugs as living moving brushes? Los Angeles painter Stephen R. Kutcher did! He employs different insects, such as flies, cockroaches and beetles, to create “wild” paintings, by dipping the bugs’ legs in the paint and releasing them on canvas to scratch out their masterpieces.

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