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Animal Fauxtography

Fake photography, or fauxtography, has been around since the invention of cameras and nature is one of the most popular subjects of dishonest photographers. From the mythical Loch Ness to the cheesy frogs using a leaf as umbrella, these images have been published in newspapers and spread virally on the web creating a fake perception of nature in the mind of millions around the world.

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Doge on windos operating system
Wild Systems

Computers Need Domestication

One of the most rewarding parts of our relationship with dogs is how we humanize them, they seem to smile at us, speak and understand our feelings. But in the end we are just putting a human layer on an animal with a brain that is still a mystery to us. What we know very well is how to train them, we study their reaction to certain basic stimuli and take advantage of it to get them to perform a specific task. This method was set thanks to the behavioural studies developed by physiologist Ivan Pavlov. Now, more that 100 years after, his research became relevant again because we have to deal with a new kind of mysterious brain that needs to be trained: deep machine learning.

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Suburban Utopia

Cats Take Over London Underground

Last week nearly 70 portraits of cats replaced all advertisements at the Clapham Common tube station in London. Responsible for the guerilla action is The Citizens Advertising Takeover Service, or in short CATS, who earlier this year raised over £23.000 to make their feline dreams come true.

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Wild Systems

The Autonomous Tractor Is Here

We have already heard about autonomous cars, city coaches and trucks. It will come as no surprise that another driverless means of transport has recently joined the race, the driverless tractor. That’s right, an autonomous farm tractor that plants, monitors crops and harvests without a driver.

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