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Media Schemas

We Are What We Like

Every time we use our PC we leave behind lots of personal information that computers use to understand our personality and what we like, far better than our own mother, family or friends.

According to a study conducted by researchers at the University of Cambridge and Stanford University, our computer – equipped with a list of things we “Like” on Facebook – knows us more than our kith and kin (and probably even better than we know ourselves).

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Exploring the Society of Simulations with “Her”: Nextnatural Movie

What about a movie night? A new nextnatural film is on the big screen! We are talking about “Her”, a science-fiction romance written and directed by Spike Jonze, set in a not too distant  future. Part of the movie’s charm is just how meticulously Jonze has imagined and constructed a future Los Angeles: its smoggy skies, its glittering skyscrapers, its efficient transit system.

The movie tells the story of the modern age love relationship between, Theodore (played by Joaquin Phoenix), a lonely man who writes love letters for people with difficulties expressing their feeling, and Samantha (Scarlett Johansson). Samantha, it should be mentioned, is an intelligent computer-operating system.

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Boomeranged Metaphors

Belief System Meets Operating System

The image above depicts two seemingly Indian men sitting in front of what looks like an improvised temple or shrine for the hindu goddess Saraswati. What makes the image curious, is that the façade of the temple is constructed from a large-scale print of a Facebook Wall, dedicated to the deity. Do we have a Boomeranged Metaphor here or is it time to coin a new term: the Reincarnated Interface?

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kano computer kit

Assemble Your Own Computer

Buy a computer for $99 and put it together in 107 seconds is now possible! Based on simple steps, physical computing, and play, Kano is the computer anyone can make, as affirmed in its slogan.

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Innovative Nostalgia


Miss the soothing clacking of typewriter keys? Long for satisfying clang of a carriage return? Get iTypewriter for iPad.

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news machine

“News Machine” Illustrates the Effects of Media Distortion

The News Machine is a contraption that explains the news distortion that happens when a message is broadcast through different media. The starting point is a tweet sent from a tablet, then the 140 character sentence is echoed through different media filters and into print. The transmission alters the original tweet slightly through slight mistranslations between the filters. The final result is a twisted version of the original source.

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