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Evolution Goes On

Surely, some day smartphones want to find out where they come from too, no? Nextnatural comic on the origins of a next species by Dave Coverly.…

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jurema action plant robot

The Action Plant Runs Away from Your Touch

Plants have it tough. They’re tasty, silent, and stuck to the spot. With Jurema Action Plant, artist Ivan Henriques has given plants the mobility they deserve . Henriques’ pieces links up Mimosa…

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Rainbow Roses

We spotted these hypernatural rainbow roses at the train station in Utrecht. Indeed they look a bit over date, I guess drinking rainbow ink doesn’t make them last any longer. Join us…

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Green Blues

Salad Dress

Push your organic-sustainable-veggie-lifestyle in the overdrive with the Salad Dress.

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Leaf Thermometer

Designer Hideyuki Kumagai must have been inspired by the seasonal colors of nature when he designed this thermometer. Stick the leaves to your window, or make a bush at your office garden,…

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IKEA Lamp Catches Elephantiasis Virus

Have you heard of Elephantiasis? It is a disease caused by microscopic parasitic worms that cause a thickening of the skin and underlying tissues. The disease typically occurs in tropical regions, however, as it seems it recently transferred to consumer products.

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Featured Page #02: Google Nature

During the coming weeks, we will present a selection of our favourite pages from the Next Nature book. This week the second one in this series: Google Nature. Imagine you are an…

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Food Technology

Making Deserts Flourish

Using only plastic sheets and an irrigation-nutrient system, a Japanese researcher has found a way to change agriculture as we know it. Professor Yuichi Mori argues in his talk at TEDx Tokyo…

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seated 50th percentile male

The Evolutionary History of Office Chairs

On the shortlist for the year’s strangest book title, Jonathan Olivares’ A Taxonomy of Office Chairs charts the “evolution” of chairs from the 1840s to the present day. The author explicitly uses…

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Corpus 2.1

Could you imagine yourself having QR-code freckles, or a chlorophyl skin? Dutch artist Marcia Nolte visualises these kind of speculative scenarios in a very non-spectacular yet beautiful way. This Corpus 2.1 series is a follow-up to her earlier Corpus 2.0 series, of which we also featured a stunning image in our book.

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plant lab
Food Technology

Growing Plants in the Dark

While sunlight contains all colors, the dominant type of chlorophyll in plants only needs purple light to function. This simple fact has big implications for the future of farming. Crops planted in…

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20,000 year clock
Back to the Tribe

Time Between Emergence and Design

Previously, experiences of time emerged from nature as given – offering seasons, the rhythm of humans, plants and animals. Nowadays, people integrate nature-time, body-time, inner-time, clock-time, and global 24/7 systems-time. Human beings, in past, current and next natures, have to deal with emergence and design of time in order to survive.


To think about how future new worlds are visualized, assumes that these images reveal how life in decades to come will be shaped. These visualizations offer insight into today’s imagination of next natures and next cultures to come. However, in these visualizations ‘time’ as a process of emergence and design, is often forgotten. This essay argues that time design is distinct in any next nature that will emerge.

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Greetings from the Ohio Turnpike

Apparently freeways have obtained a level of nostalgia that they are now suitable objects to be depicted on postcards (speaking of nostalgic objects). Perhaps one day in the future, freeways will be…

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tilapia swimming in tank
Food Technology

Dumpster Fish the Future of Farming

Cities have seen guerilla gardens, rooftop honey production, and fire escape chicken coops. Now, urban farmers may be adding aquaculture to the mix. Headed by ex-banker Christopher Toole, the Society for Aquaponic…

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clippy suicide
anthropomorphism and design

Rule #7: Respect Social Standards

Anthropomorphic products enter the human social space. Humans have the most complex social behavior of any organism on Earth. Anyone or anything trying to join in should be careful to do it right.

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