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Kite ship


The world’s first commercial merchant ship using a high-tech kite system will sail across oceans – and help fight climate change. “MV Beluga Skysails” cargo ship has been fitted with a giant kite, which is attached to a 15-metre high mast and guided by a computer. The kite helps the engines to power the ship, thereby reducing fuel consumption and cutting carbon dioxide emissions.

“Beluga Skysails” will make its maiden voyage from Germany to Venezuela and back in early 2008, and should it be successful, other shipping companies are keen on harnessing the technology.

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MDI Air Car

mdi car

Will the oil-driven car grow extinct in the decades to come? Guy Negre (Fr) thinks so, for he invented: THE CLEAN GREEN DRIVING MACHINE! Utopia is near; this (toy) car runs on AIR that can be ‘tanked’ by plugging it in at home, where a compressor fills it within four hours – or at a special air pump where this process will take only a few minutes. Even by pushing the brake, the car will use its energy to fill a minicompressor. The three air tanks will let you drive to 100 km/h = 62 mp/h. Of course there are other alternatives for the car – machines that run on solar power or on hydrogen, but the revolution was never this cheap: the Air Car will cost about 7.000 Euro / 9.500 Dollar. Let’s all breathe fresh air again and start freezing up those glaciers!

theaircar.com | video (cnn) | Related posts: Drive in a fish | Aquada | Sexy car

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Oh yes, it’s a car alright! A High Speed Amphibian. Simply press a button and drive into the water. The wheels automatically rise and as you press the accelerator nearly a tonne of thrust pushes the Aquada onto the plane. The whole process takes less than 12 seconds. It can plane at over 30mph. And look at the positioning of the driver’s seat… the two babes on both sides must have fallen out OHW NO somebody warn this lonely millionair!!

gibbstech.com | video1 | video2 | more videos | Related posts: Who wants to drive in a fish? | Sexy car

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