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Suburban Utopia

Google Kills Bambi

Every emerging next nature typically stresses some older nature. Time after time, we plant a new habituation, a new instinct, a second nature, that causes the first nature to dry out. What…

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Boomeranged Metaphors

Windows XP Revisited

windows xp revisited

The most distributed image ever is being phased out. What remains is a hill in Sonoma Valley, California.

Charles O’Rear used to pass that hill almost daily between his home in Napa and his wife, Daphne, who lived in Marin County. He always carried his medium format camera.
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This skeleton truck was dug up created by Jitish Kallat. Related: Skeleton mouse, Animatus, Pacman’s skull.…

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Lost on the Freeway?

An advertisement campaign for MIO GPS systems. Via Scene 360. Related: Observing Next Nature, Waves of Asphalt, Magic Highway USA, Interchange, Exploding City.…

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Back to the Tribe

This way for Survival

Culture fakes nature? An ultralight plane piloted by an Operation Migration team member is guiding whooping cranes from Wisconsin to their winter nesting grounds in Florida. For the last eight years, Operation…

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This smart-looking image is a model of what James M. Tour at Rice University (Texas) and his research team like to call a ‘nanocar’. The clustered molecules can roll around on a…

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Guided Growth

Earrings for Spontaneous Seeding

Seed bombs away, because these earrings may awake the Guerilla Gardener in you… You never know when an opportunity for planting might present itself. Be prepared with these tiny glass bottles filled…

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Dashboard Tree

What is that growing on my car dashboard? Is that a tree? Indeed, Ford and Honda’s next-generation dashboard instrument clusters feature trees (a vine in Ford’s case) that grow more lush as…

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Try selling cars these days without some good old genetic manipulation……

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Oil Price Threatens Biofuel Firms


Economy is ecology? Technology Review writes the price of oil has dipped to levels that could be far too low for many advanced-biofuel startups to succeed, especially those that attracted investment this summer, while oil was well above $100 a barrel. Tight credit markets will also make it difficult for advanced biofuel companies to move ahead with plans for scaling up technologies and building commercial-scale production plants.

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Pondering the Future

Peculiar image of the week. Langley researcher Elton W. Miller stands poised in the Propeller Research Tunnel, as if pondering the future of aviation in this image from mid-1927. Image credit: Nasa.…

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Elephant sends sms messages to rangers

In the Kenyan wildlife conservancy Ol Pejeta elephants are tagged with a GPS-triggered text messaging device. Before the elephants start raiding the nearby villagers’ harvest they send a text message to the…

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