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Designer Wataru Kobayashi created a picnic cutlery set to promote eating insects.
Food Technology

Cutlery Set to Eat Bugs

With modern cutlery we have added a new pair of fingers to the dinner table. We use our augmented hands to prepare, serve and especially eat our food. Needless to say that eating utilities are adjusted to our habits. Due to the predicted food crisis of 2050, we might want to change these habits. Therefore, designer Wataru Kobayashi created BUGBUG, a picnic cutlery set to promote the consumption of insects (entomophagy) .

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Chloé Rutzerveld presents a modern version of the iconic stroopwafel, fully made of vegetables.
Food Technology

From Vegetable to Stroopwafel

Stroopwafels are – just like tulips, clogs and windmills – iconic for the Netherlands. This traditional recipe dates back to the end of the 18th century in Gouda, when a baker started making waffles from residual crumbs and spices and sweetened them with syrup. With STROOOP! food designer and NNN fellow Chloé Rutzerveld presents a modern version of the typical Dutch delicacy, fully made of vegetables.

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A new study found that instant noodles are being used as currency in US prisons

Ramen: the New Prison Currency

After cigarettes, postage stamps and mackerel, a new currency emerged in US prisons: instant ramen noodles. A new study found out that ramen became a valuable commodity to inmates, as cost-cutting measures in US prisons led to the deterioration of food quality. The noodle currency is used for trading food, clothes, hygiene products and services.

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Growing Potatoes at JFK Airport
Food Technology

Growing Potatoes at JFK Airport

The 5th largest airline in the United States, JetBlue, is growing potatoes at Terminal 5 at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport. The urban organic garden was built from a large amount of stacked recycled milk crates and can produce approximately 1.000 pounds of potatoes per season, and about 2.000 herb plants. The signature potatoes are, indeed, blue.

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new food film extend shelflife

A Film to Double the Shelf-Life of Food

Storing leftover food with plastic wrap is a fair way of keeping your food fresh for a longer time. However, this material is quite limited because what it does is just sealing everything off from oxygen. Researchers at the National University of Singapore have successfully developed a natural chitosan-based and  environmentally-friendly film with grapefruit seed extract able to improve food safety, conservation and quality.

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