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A small introduction to tiny cooking.
Food Technology

Tiny Food Made in a Tiny Kitchen

Honey, I shrunk the… stove? Let us introduce you to the wonderful world of tiny cooking. The avid YouTube user probably already discovered this viral trend in 2014, but a recent Kickstarter campaign is bringing the miniature utensils to our real-sized kitchens.

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Society of Simulations

Barbie Becomes a Hologram of Herself

Barbie came alive! No, we don’t mean Valerie Lukyanova, the woman who turned herself into a human barbie, but the iconic 1950 doll that resides in girls’ bedrooms ever since. In the last 67 years, Barbie has been presidential candidate, doctor, scientist, chef, musician, astronaut, architect, computer engineering and now she’s becoming a 3D-animated hologram personal assistant for your kid. Last week Mattel released the Hello Barbie doll, a laser-beamed character that couples motion-capture animation with lively Amazon Echo AI like behavior.

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Lego Boost
Wild Systems

Lego Bricks Come Alive

The future of toys is robotic. Danish toy manufacturer Lego recently announced the next generation of building bricks features a series of interactive motors and programmable bricks that can be added to existing Lego kits, bringing the creations to life.

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McDonald’s provided their Happy Meals with a high-tech activity tracker toy
Augmented Bodies

Fitness Tracker to Make Happy Meal Healthier

During the Olympics in Rio, burger baron McDonald’s provided their Happy Meals with a high-tech toy, a pedometer. The wrist-worn wearable was marketed for youngsters as a way to help keep them active. Unfortunately, as good as it sounded, the activity tracker appeared to cause skin irritation, and so the company withdrew their toy.

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Are there Pokemon on the moon?
Society of Simulations

Are There Pokémon on the Moon?

As Pokémon Go is currently available in 90 countries over the world, the game is slowly taking over our planet. Nowadays people know more Pokémon than bird or tree species. However, avid players have probably noticed that some of the first generation Pokémon are not obtainable in the game yet.

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Pokemon Go and virtual property
Suburban Utopia

Pokemon Go and Virtual Property

In the 90’s Pokemon took over the world. Young people were completely hooked by it. This craze gave rise to a trade market of Pokemon cards, kids used to spend their lunch money on cards trading to catch ́em all. This situation seemed innocent and trivial, but on a second tought it’s amazing how the game could generate a whole economical system. It triggered demand, a black market, bans by school authorities, monopolization and scarcity. Pokemon was a hit in the childhood of the 90’s generation and now, almost 20 years later, it ́s doing it again. But this time, the impact seems to be bigger and with deeper consequences.

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Open Bionics is helping children in need for bionic hands. With Iron Man, Frozen, or Star Wars-themed prosthetics, their fantasies become reality.
Augmented Bodies

Disney-Themed Prosthetics for Children

What was your childhood dream for the future? Many kids fantasize about becoming princesses, astronauts, or maybe superheroes. As part of the Disney Accelerator program, UK startup Open Bionics, is helping children in need for bionic hands. With Iron Man, Frozen, or Star Wars-themed prosthetics, their fantasies become reality.

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