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this drone will prevent fires
Next Nature

Meet the Firefighter Drone

The Firefighter Drone is a very important figure for everyone’s safety. She flies around, covering search and rescue operations and, in case of fire, she will extinguish it. She also does a great job preserving the environment and natural resources, transmitting birds-eye video of a forest fire to incident commanders and mapping hard-hit areas after a natural disaster. With her nozzle-arms she saves the forest and its inhabitants from burning down!

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Wild Systems

The Movie Written by Artificial Intelligence

“The question for us was: is a computer able to write a screenplay?” these are the words of Oscar Sharp, director of this short movie, written by an artificial intelligence system. The answer is clearly yes. Sunspring is the result of this attempt: a sci-fi short movie of nine minutes where the main actor is Thomas Middleditch, character of the cult series Silicon Valley.

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china's internet cafes
Wild Systems

Who Are These Trolls Invading China?

China always had a peculiar relationship with the Internet. It has been intermittent until 1994 and never really free. The government saw it as a danger, but also as a very powerful weapon that they have to control, therefore they implemented a massive surveillance and content control system. As politics in China put great effort into propaganda, they use it as an unbeatable tool of dissemination of news to assure public order. Since 2008 China is also the largest population on the Internet (700M), it goes without saying that it is placed under the supervision of the Chinese Republic itself.

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world's first droneport
Manufactured Landscapes

Foster’s Prototype for a Droneport

Last year we talked about Norman Foster’s project for a Droneport. Now a full-scale prototype has been presented at the latest Venice architecture Biennale. The works to build the world’s first airport for drones will start this year in Rwanda. The Droneport will provide aid and support to inaccessible regions. By 2020, when the technology will improve, drones will be capable of lifting up to 20 pounds or more, covering distances of hundreds of kilometers throughout Africa.

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Drones Coloring Book
Wild Systems

What’s Flying There? Coloring Book

Drones are controversial, they are either seen as killing machines or as the next pizza delivery guy. There is not much room for imagination in between. This new species has a great potential that needs to be discussed. Today we launched What’s Flying There?, a coloring book that opens up new perspectives for drones applications in the human habitat.

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teaching assistant jill watson
Wild Systems

Your Teaching Assistant Is a Robot

We tend to think that there are certain categories of jobs that can’t be replaced by machines, yet. Something like a college teacher, for example. Jill Watson performed as teaching assistant for several students of the Georgia Institute for Technology. The thing students didn’t realize is that she wasn’t a real person. The experiment lasted five months during which Jill’s task was to help students, by answering their questions online. Her responses were so credible and elaborate, that they didn’t doubt her identity.

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A surveillance system that predicts and prevents crime
Suburban Utopia

A System that Predicts Crime

Clubs, bars, cafes and the streets that connect them are the hotspots for a night out. Occasionally, the combination of crowded spaces and alcohol usage can cause unpleasant situations, such as aggressions. To prevent acts of aggression, a new smart surveillance system is being tested in Stratumseind, a street of Eindhoven with the longest concatenation of nightlife venues in the Netherlands. This new system can identify a growing conflict and direct the police to it, before anyone could throw a punch.

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Tay twitterbot
Wild Systems

Racist Robots and Bloodthirsty Crowds

On March the 23rd, Microsoft unveiled Tay, a twitterbot that was created with the intent of talking like a teenager. It’s artificial intelligence was made to learn from interacting with other people in the twitterverse. It was expected that Tay would make jokes and employ internet-millenial slang. What happened was something different.

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