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Nature changes along with us

We debate saving nature, we dream about escaping to nature, but rarely do we ask “What is nature?”. In an era when the influence of humanity is impossible to escape, our established notion of nature must be reconsidered. We must no longer see ourselves as the anti-natural species that merely threatens and eliminates nature, but rather as catalysts of evolution. With our urge to design our environment, we cause the rising of a next nature that is wild and unpredictable as ever.

Essay by Bruce Sterling

Next Nature Introduction

This project is about Nature’s brand image.  One might surmise that “Nature,” being 100 percent all-natural, can’t have any brand image.  The facts suggest otherwise. Try it for yourself: tell a friend that something seemingly 100 percent natural is actually “96 percent natural.”  Not a great difference, apparently, yet a profound unease arises. …

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'We rarely allow ourselves any tender reverential, nurturing attitude towards technology'

Bruce Sterling

What is Next Nature?

Where technology and nature are traditionally seen as opposed, they now appear to merge or even trade places. Koert Van Mensvoort lectures on our changing notion of Nature.

Next Nature Services

Intentionality separates culture from nature. A dog is intentional, a fox is not; a park is intentional, a forest is not. Since trash, ruined buildings, and automated computer programs are unintentional, they are also a type of nature. Nature provides human society with valuable ‘ecosystem services’ such as water purification or erosion control.…

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Why Are Carrots Orange? It is Political

No, the image above does not show some collection of freshly genetically designed hypercarrots in various colors of the rainbow. This is the spectrum of colors carrots used to have – and in some regions of the world you can still find white, yellow, red and purple carrots.…

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‘Nature’ Words According to Google

Imagine you were an intelligent alien from outer space that just landed on Earth. Before you can mingle with the earthlings you’d need to learn their language. It seemed like a smart idea to start at Google image search. Just type in a word and you’ll immediately get a collage of images that show you what it means.…

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