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What is Next Nature?

With our attempts to cultivate nature, humankind causes the rising of a next nature, which is wild and unpredictable as ever. Wild systems, genetic surprises, autonomous machinery and splendidly beautiful black flowers. Nature changes along with us.

All the water and air on earth..

All the water and air on earth..

… gathered into spheres and compared to the Earth.

The water sphere (blue) in this computer visualization measures 1390 kilometres across and has a volume of 1.4 billion cubic kilometres. This includes all the water in the oceans, seas, ice caps, lakes and rivers as well as ground water, and that in the atmosphere. The air sphere (pink) measures 1999 kilometres across and weighs 5140 trillion tonnes. As the atmosphere extends from Earth it becomes less dense. Half of the air lies within the first 5 kilometres of the atmosphere. The spheres show how finite water and air supplies are.

Created by Adam Nieman / Science Photo Library. Via BoingBoing.


  1. =A=

    Remember the Ball of Being? ;)

  2. where is the magma sphere?

  3. > The spheres show how finite water and air supplies are.

    I like this image a lot, although it is a clear case of visual rhetorics: Imagine I would make a rendering of the earth with a little ball that represents all the garbage and then argue that our the amount of garbage is limited and that it really isn’t a problem?

  4. =A=

    You’ve got a point there Koert, but that also depends on your definition of garbage :)
    Now I would like to see the sphere that represents all human beings alive today.

  5. james

    this was on Qi :D

  6. Constantin

    Are you serious about this? My God!!!!, we better ask God for help. So there is more land than water!!??

    Will you please send the formula of how you did the calculation?

    I leave you my e-mail

    Thank you!