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What is Next Nature?

With our attempts to cultivate nature, humankind causes the rising of a next nature, which is wild and unpredictable as ever. Wild systems, genetic surprises, autonomous machinery and splendidly beautiful black flowers. Nature changes along with us.


  1. Joel

    Along these same lines…..

  2. jelrose

    wow!.. i love it.. :0 hehehe… and im starting to make my own puppy bag.. :p hehehhe.. :0 thankz for the idea.. hehehhe lol

  3. What a clever idea. Along the same lines – you need a bag to carry everything but the dog – a blanket, folding water & food dishes, a blanket and waste bags – I found this kind of dog travel bag at Good-Doggie.com.

  4. I love this idea!!
    One problem: does it hurt the dog or does the dog like it?
    And is there one for tea cup chinhuahas?

  5. Why on earth would a dog wanna be trapped in that thing all day?