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With our attempts to cultivate nature, humankind causes the rising of a next nature, which is wild and unpredictable as ever. Wild systems, genetic surprises, autonomous machinery and splendidly beautiful black flowers. Nature changes along with us.

Michelangelo’s David after his stay in the US

Michelangelo’s David after his stay in the US

I got this in my email from my uncle who lives in Australia. “After a short stay in America, David returns to Italy.” You know what’s coming before you even open the picture. Apparently these are the jokes they make down under.

The image was originally made from an advertising campaign created for the German Olympic Sport Committee.


  1. Anke

    This is a motif from Scholz & Friends, Hamburg, for the “Deutschen Olympischen SportBund”. Here you can see it with the stand.

  2. Barbara

    i like aussie humor!

  3. At least the fat David statue frees us from the unreachable ‘beauty ideals’ dictated by the original statue. Similar to the Photoshop Beauty ideals projected in magazines, commercials and billboards today, in their time the ancient Greeks must have felt the pressure of the unrealistic beauty ideals promoted by their media. No?
    See also: The Photoshop Beauties: Before and After

  4. Michael David

    No. The ‘beauty ideals’ in the media are unrealistic, but only in the ubiquity and uniformity of individuals attractiveness- it provides little reference to variation. There is nothing unrealistic about David’s physique and, as an isolated image of an individual, it provides no comment on an ideal for a society. Also, I’m not sure it’s wrong to have unreachable ideals. It probably is wrong, however, that beauty is given the importance that it is. That said, there’s no excuse for being a fatty.

  5. orel

    Christ is a descendant of David if some moronic humorist do not know and it’s disgusting unless it:s how one perceives him to be.

  6. Nick

    wow that is really funny

  7. Rosi

    Anyone know where I can buy one of these please? Saw it in a shop in Florence earlier this year and should have bought it on the spot!

  8. Pancracio

    These beauty ideals are not unreachable. It is just that there are certain people that don’t have the genes to reach them no matter what they do. But the beauty is all arround, hidden behind bad habits, lack of culture and lazziness. You’d be surprised how much a healty diet and regular sports can do for your “beauty”.

  9. Boonie

    It’s having a crack at the U.S not David or his descendants Orel … why is everyone on tender hooks these days? I am an Aussie and it should be directed at us as well because we are a nation of Fatties as well … myself included… but I am going to WW to do something about it.